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'The Life Of A Prophet ' Sherry Mackey

Sherry Mackey

The Lord woke me up very early and I was keenly aware of His presence. He was speaking to me of abuses that are found in Christian churches, religious organizations, and cults. And He wanted me to write about how these things are being implemented in these organizations. I also want to make it very clear that I have witnessed these things firsthand and in my own experiences.

Early in my walk with the Lord, I did not realize what an abusive church or organization was. In all innocence, I just accepted things as they were and did not question the behaviors of how things were done in these churches.

There is an innumerable amount of people that attend these types of religious services every week and never question what they heard or checked the Bible to see if what they taught or preached was in the scriptures. Many depend on their grandparents or their parent’s religion stating, “it has always been this way.” No one seeks to find out why they believe the way they do. And sadly, they place their twisted faith in how their parents always did it and trust in momma’s apron strings thinking that was good enough. Their trust in ignorance will not give them the real experience of salvation in Jesus Christ.

In my journey, I became troubled about things that I witnessed and questioned in these ministries, denominations or organizations. I was young, ignorant, and assumed that I could ask questions so I could learn. But when I asked questions about what I heard or was taught, I was silenced or ignored.

For example, I asked the pastor why he said that the book of Job should have never been written? His response was, “Had Job had enough faith he would have never gone through his experience.” I was confused and continued to ask about this and other things taught and he or his wife would not say any more about it. I had other questions at other times that I asked in private to the pastor, pastor’s wife, or others in leadership under them, and they all ignored and avoided me.

There must be a number of you that have experienced similar things, and you feel like you were or are unheard, unloved, ignored, and unwanted. The Lord impressed upon me to share bits and pieces of my life with you, and I pray to God that in some small way, that it encourages you or sparks the interest to seek the Lord for yourself. Since I was involved in some of these denominations, organizations, and ministries, I wanted you to know that I personally understand.


Over the years I have learned some very valuable lessons, and I pray that what I share will help you understand. I have been misunderstood greatly throughout the years, but I need to share this about myself so if or when things like this happen to you, it will make sense.

There is something I do personally when it gets too busy, distracting, and confusing in life. I back off or back away from everything for a while. I learned to do this to find clarity and to be in sync with the Lord. And it is not a negative nor a manipulative act, or a rejection at all, but I have found in my own life that sometimes I can be too close to the forest to see the trees. That is why I have learned to back away to get my bearings and to see and focus clearly from a distance so that I hear the Lord and not be distracted by all the sounds of clamor that distractions bring.

Being too close to a situation can cause us to not see clearly because we can be too emotionally involved, or too familiar with the situation. These are the times to back away and get into serious personal prayer, fasting, and in searching the Holy Scriptures so the Lord can correct and tweak me so that I am back in position to hear correctly for myself and for the body of Christ, and the nations.

Some people ask this question, “Why does a church or ministry start out so right and end up so wrong. It is my hope that by the time you finish reading this, that it may answer many questions.

Please bear with me as I share portions of my life with you below, because I really feel it may help some of you with some God given answers and confirmations.

I want to go back in time before the events above, when my family and I were transferred to another duty station. The year was 1984 and the place was Anderson AFB Guam. I had received the Lord Jesus Christ years before and was baptized but was seriously backslidden. I got into some spiritual trouble in a bar one night and I felt God’s heavy, full, brunt force of ‘conviction’ in that bar like I had never felt before. I had to leave. Have you ever heard the statement; “It felt like I got hit in the head with a two by four?” Well, that is how much it bothered me, and it was a divine wakeup call. When I got home, I remained up all night ashamed and continued to tell God I was sorry asking him to forgive me. And from that moment on, I promised God I would start going to the military base chapel/church. True to my confession, my family and I started attending a military base chapel on Sundays.

FYI Military chapels allow all churches, denominations, and religions. Even today they embrace, many like Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and their “Faith and Belief Codes” listing over 200 groups including Sikhs, Wiccans and Atheists. (

I remember attending the services and I could not comprehend any of what the minister said. It was so boring, and I watched others in the service nod off. While in my discouragement, I was handed a bulletin and I saw that there was a weekly women’s bible study and I perked up, thinking I would give it a try. It was led by one of the various pastors’ wives who happened to be a Methodist. I began to go and met some very nice women. The pastor’s wife used quarterlies, a booklet that all groups used in the chapel.

Not long after I started going, I met a dear friend named Rhonda and we talked a lot about the Lord, and I was fascinated by her background as her parents were both deliverance ministers in the Assembly of God denomination. I had NO idea about demons, nor did I realize God could be so real! Rhonda and I became quite close and talked for hours about the Lord. It was through our conversations that she introduced me to the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance. (Acts chapter 2) She provided me with scriptures and shared personal experiences, and she told me I could have it if I wanted it. At that time, I had no understanding or never heard of it before, but I was curious and interested.

Being so new and very sincere concerning the promise I made to God, I was very interested in the Bible and in learning. The women of the bible study invited me to attend a 3-day Seminar on prayer that was being held off base at a hotel in downtown Agana Guam, and with excitement I said yes! When we arrived, I was shocked at the size of the conference room because it was surprisingly large. The room was full, and the guest speaker was Evelyn Christiansen. I had no idea who she was, but I did not care because I was just so hungry to learn, and I was so excited to see so many Christians in one place! I did not think there would be so many Christians on an island that is 30 miles long and depending on where you were in the middle was 1 to 8 miles wide.

The entire Seminar was on the topic of prayer, and I was told that it was a non-denominational Seminar. Each session began with praise and worship, and I noticed that some of the people in the audience while praising God would lift their arms and hands in worship. While I had never seen it before, it did not bother me. But there was something that I did notice that bothered me greatly. Some of the people in the audience and even some in our group were scoffing and making fun of those who were expressing their worship to the Lord. Even though I was immature in the things of God, I knew what they did was very wrong. Who were they to judge someone else’s expression of worship?


After that conference, I began to incorporate prayer into my daily routine. I got a small spiral notepad and began to list and date everything and everyone I wanted to pray for. Since my husband was up very early for work and my babies were very young, I needed to be ready for them.

I would wake up very early and there was such excitement! However, I had to figure out a time when I could be alone with God to pray and study in privacy. So, I began my day at 5am, and many times I would wake up without an alarm clock.

I had my coffee with Jesus and began to pray everything I could think of and when I could not remember the rest, I would use my prayer notepad. I began to feel spiritually stronger. I could feel the strength coming in all areas and began to witness my prayers being answered and I would date them!

I continued to add more requests to my list, and it became longer, and I loved this time with the Lord, and He was so very real and close to me! I found the more I prayed the more I wanted to pray, and he taught me so much in scripture and I was so hungry. What time I had free after caring for my family and home, was given to God! These brief paragraphs I have written were before I ever was Baptized in the Holy Ghost and fire in 1984! If you are interested in my experience of being Baptize by Fire, you can find it here. (

I wanted to share portions of my life experiences to prepare you in advance about what I will share later. The particular gift and office that I want to talk about is the office of the prophet. What I share with you in this article I have experienced and witnessed first-hand.

First and foremost; No man can make you a prophet. No school, seminary, or university can make you a prophet. God himself calls prophets.

“6 And he said, hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.” Numbers 12:6 KJV

Here are some questions I want you to think about; Why would a leader of a Christian denominational organization or church, including spirit filled organizations say they believe the Bible and in Jesus Christ but become threatened or intimidated by a prophet of God sent there? Why would that leaders’ walls go up and precautions made when a prophet came in? Walls are for protection, aren’t they? Why does the leader think he needs protection?

God is wanting to unveil things in the spirit realm. In the case of this leader, the walls are all part of a structure, fortress and stronghold created to keep what is hidden within the leader’s life. When we speak of walls, fortresses and realms this sounds like kingdom talk doesn’t it? There are two kingdoms we choose from: the Kingdom of darkness, or the Kingdom of Light. There are many such leaders of Christian churches, denominations, and organizations that are strongholds of sin and dens of devils. So many are deceived by the false peace, and the false fruits. Basing your lives by feelings is dangerous. Spiritual feelings, false humility, among others are growing in popularity with such deception like New Age! New Age is in the church and strong! Walls are also boundaries of territory that the demons have built to network his schemes, conspiracies, and orders. Jesus even said of the religious.

“14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Matthew 15:14 KJV


Many are twisted in that truth and God himself is unveiling it NOW! This isn’t just denominational or organizational ministries that we have known that are like shrines of dead men’s bones, but also some very popular spirit filled churches and ministries. And God is sending the voice of his prophets!